Welcome to the Yahoo! Chat Anti-Spam Resource Center!


This site has been created due to the growing frustration of the Yahoo! chat community and the unacceptable level of SPAM that is now appearing in Yahoo! chatrooms. Users are finding it nearly impossible to log into Yahoo, stay connected, or even log into chat. In typical Yahoo! fashion complaints concerning SPAM in chatrooms receive their common form letter response or appear to be dismissed all together. The sole purpose of this site is to get Yahoo’s attention and force them to address the complaints of a global community of users. Our primary goal is not only to get Yahoo! to stand up and acknowlege this problem but to properly address is and eliminate this nuisance once and for all.
In late February, we began an aggressive campaign to monitor the spam problem in Yahoo! Chat using custom software called Chat Sentry. This software allows us to collect data from many public sources related to Yahoo! Chat and analyze that data based on current trends and known spam distributed across the Yahoo! Messenger network. In early March, we published our preliminary findings that indicated the amount of “Spam Bots” in Yahoo! Chat accounted for nearly 60% of all chat users.
I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries lately about what the intent of this site is and what type of content will be posted in the future. This website was created specifically to address the issue of Spam in Yahoo! Chat. This past week I’ve had the opportunity to discuss this issue as well as the future of this site with several community website operators and third party developers responsible for Yahoo related applications. Most have been quite enthusiastic and have offered to provide content and assistance and as this site begins to grow more and more participating and supporting members will be added to the public directory